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Happy Birthday…Mr. Onceler.



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bringing this back?


She may be dressed in white, but she can be awfully bad~

definitely not inspired by a certain part in a certain movie…

omfG LOOK AT POOR ONCIE hfjdksfhjdksfjkds

I think he’s gonna burst any second now


And then she sang; and it was obvious just why she was a performer because her voice was simply wonderful to hear. It wasn’t too loud, or brash, or harsh. It was soft, sweet, and a little bit sexy, as she moved across the stage, singing her heart out about a man who broke her heart. Or, just the song itself being about that, probably.


It hadn’t even occurred to Once-ler that he was staring, or even blushing like a lunatic, OR that he hadn’t heard a waitress repeatedly asking him if he was going to order a drink anytime soon.  He’d never been aware anyone could look and sound that amazing without even seemingly trying.  After a moment, he finally came at least half-way to his senses and managed to order a beer without looking too much like an idiot before going back to watching Norma, barely even registering when the glass was set on his small table.

I wanted to draw my favorite part from a role-play between Sassy and one of her friends that she was nice enough to let me read since its the AU with Norma as a performer.

hee hee. thats all~


*low wolf whistle*


…so I watched Red Hot Riding Hood again a few days ago…and I’ve wanted to do this ever since.

from the Oh, Daddy~ scene…obviously.

(Also remember how I said my headcanon is that Norma wanted to be a singer/showgirl?…yeah.)

Oh Curly, you and your crazy arms and legs XD


 Once-ler comes across an old ad for his Thneed he forgot about…

featuring the lovely Norma~

omfg the cuteness


..Candy Tree..

I was really frustrated today and wanted to draw something fluffy and sweet to cheer me up

the lyrics to the song really reminded me of Onceler so…


Happy Birthday…Mr. Onceler.


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I need to stop drawing my feelings or I’m gonna get fat

tbh though, I actually think Norma would be the kinda gal to stick with him through it all, no matter how hard, and he would be the one to leave (whether it be of bitterness or his realization of what he’d done, I don’t know, but still.)

I DREW THIS ANYWAY FOR SOME REASON. So in case anyone can’t tell, white are flashbackssss.



feels, man