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If Unn wasn’t a Viking… or a dragon… then what was she?

sad little doodle I did while waiting for Mi to finish his dota match. Inspired by a lil sad song - might be included in future chapters???? who knows

Two pages of sketches today!!

I have this really rad pen that I found at the store while I was working like a month ago. A customer dropped it and of course I hoarded it.

It’s a nice heavy metal pen, and it has a delicious smooth feel as it draws, and it can get really really light. I surprised myself with those sketches, honestly. I didn’t really do any base sketching, just a few light lines before I started drawing.

The blue ones are me trying out these brush-tipped crayola markers I got last week. They’re not the best but ok for scribbling.

I drew them really quickly and didn’t do a base sketch, i just kinda drew them. Some of them turned out really good.

The best one is the front-view one. There’s a reason why i always draw him 3/4 view. He’s a goldfish.

Sál eiga Dreki - Ch.2

Rating: G
Content: Hiccup and the gang, OC, post HTTYD2
Summary: New adventures, trials, and characters. It’s been a few months since the Battle of the Bewilderbeast, and Hiccup has had to learn a lot in a short amount of time. Those new skills are going to be put to the test, and everything he knows about dragons is going to change - again. Link
Ch.1 on tumblr


YooO!! Chapter 2! The chapter nobody was looking forward to! Confetti!

Ok dourness aside, this chapter couldn’t have happened without Nef or Cat. You two are the best proofreaders and editors in the world, thank you! I’ve also changed the name slightly - just tried translating the english name to Old Norse. I hope I didn’t mangle it too bad.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna start posting stuff on again, and I’ve started by putting my few HTTYD writings in there, including this story. You’ll probably be able to read it easier there than on my blog, but I’m posting it both places just in case. There also might be a few author’s notes there that I won’t include here, fyi.

Please enjoy, and I do so love feedback!!


Back at home, the two-who-are-one land with their usual lack of grace, but they do not mind, for they have no one to impress.

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I found some Aqua-ish music (aka music that reminds me of my mlpOC) so I decided to play around with my dusty old page 3 of my attempt at a webcomic

I wanted to see how my new painting style would look on it: she looks ok. It’s not bad, but I don’t think I’d be able to do this for multiple pages? This alone took me over an hour, just her small baby body. Let alone the rest of the damn page.

so I guess it’s back to the drawing board for how exactly the hell am I gonna draw this thing 8T

Soul of a Dragon

Rating: G
Content: Hiccup and the gang, OC, Set after HTTYD2 
Summary: New adventures, trials, and characters. Fun story I plan on fiddling with.

FF.Net link
Ch.2 on tumblr

Don’t mind the title, I couldn’t think of anything else;;; I might change it later if a more fitting one comes along. Working title…

So this is something I piddled with, introduction of one of my new OCs. If you do read it, thank you!! And I hope you enjoy!! And thanks to Nef for being a wonderful proofreader!


Birds sang in the trees as the early-morning sun sent glowing shafts of light through the foliage. A patch of bushes rustled as they were shoved aside, a figure muttering lowly to itself as it picked berries from the low branches.

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Do you know how hard it is to articulate 6 wings????

Anyways, more info on Skyspinners, particularly Unn’s dragon!

This is Flupp. That’s his name. 

Flupp is a amalgamation of “fly” and “up” - two things Unn found herself demanding when first learning to ride her dragon, so that became his name.

Unn and Flupp met when she was 14 - on a normal day of flying and patrolling with her nestmates she spotted Flupp flying and soaring in the skies over her territory. In a hell of a chase through the clouds on a Nadder, Flupp decided to finally investigate this odd creature on the back of a dragon, and the two were instantly inseparable.

Flupp and Unn’s bond is much like Toothless’ and Hiccups - brotherly soulmates. The two of them are rarely apart. Even though Flupp’s species naturally spend 90% of their lives in the skies, he sacrifices his love of the sky to spend more time with his rider on her natural habitat - the ground. 

That’s not to say that the two of them don’t try to spend as much time as physically possible in the air. Flupp’s saddle was one that Unn made herself - it’s not the best, and the weak materials often break and need replacing, but it’s the best she can do. She learns to have strong legs and arms, and catching her when she falls off his back has become second nature to her dragon.

It’s not easy riding a Skyspinner. They ride the wind like a ribbon, their incredibly flexible body and multitude of wings making riding it a challenge even to the most experienced dragon rider. Flying becomes MUCH easier once the two of them have a proper saddle - something that comes later in their story.

Where Unn is hotheaded, Flupp is cool. He’s her voice of reason, pulling her out of dangerous situations and helping her keep from flying off the handle - literally. He’s wary and cautious, and it takes a lot to earn his trust, but once you do, he’ll trust you with his life.

Skyspinners are not from the Berkian region - they normally prefer warmer climates, but are known to wander in their lives in the skies. It’s hard to find Skyspinners when it’s not laying season, as the spend so much time in the vast expanse of the sky. The only time to really find them is the few months when they land to lay and take care of their young - and as soon as the babies can fly properly they’re off again.

Eventually once I get some really nice art done for these guys I’ll make another big post on the species, and what it takes to earn one as a rider. For now, enjoy my scribbles.

This is Unn.

Unn is a 19-21 year old feral dragon girl living on a remote island about a day or so’s flight from Berk. She has never seen nor heard of Berk, and originated from a small village a ways off from her current nest.

When Unn was 6 both her parents fell to a sickness that was sweeping the small village she lived in. In grief, she ran away from the village, as she didn’t want to put a burden on the other villagers as an orphan. In the deep forests that surrounded her home, a Monstrous Nightmare came across her, and in sympathy for the abandoned hatchling took her to his nest.

Unn’s nest is fairly small, consisting of just a handful of Berk-regional dragons. Two Nadders, two Gronkles, a Nightmare, a Zippleback, a few Terrors and even two Scauldrons that patrol the seas around their island home. They keep to each other, caring for one another and supporting themselves and their odd human hatchling.

Unn can still understand and speak some broken Norse, but it’s not very good. She’s much more fluent in dragonspeak, her vocabulary quite extensive. As it’s been so long since she was around humans, her habits and movements are very dragon-like. She’s quick to anger and even quicker to flee, being as how she has no claws nor wings of her own.

Fast and flighty, she’s more at home in the air than she is on land. Her main weapons consist of a pair of bone daggers that are sheathed on her upper arms, hidden under her cloak. She also sometimes has sturdy sticks shoved into her fur boots, if she comes across any she likes.

Distrusting of humans that trap her dragons and attempt to capture herself, most of her clothes and various items are stolen, aside from her furs. Her mother was a seamstress and her father was a skinner, so while her skills aren’t very good she has managed to get by. Because her clothes are stolen they’re often too big for her, and amaturely sewn and patched up to try and fit her skinny build better. 

She would often sneak into any villages she came across, thieving any items she might need or have liked. She has an affinity for colorful thread, and has quite the collection of trinkets, books, and other human items in her cave at the nest.

In even more of an attempt to keep humans away from herself, she made herself a mask, and adorned her fur cloak with horns and spikes. Her mask is attached to her hood and has a band that straps around the back of her head to keep it on during flight. Her cloak has a long ‘tail’ to it, and also has straps that tuck in under her armpits underneath to help keep it on, and avoid accidental strangling when her nestmates pick her up by her tail to remove her from danger, which is often.

She also has hard leather ‘pads’ on her palms, which protect her hands while she’s scurrying around on all fours but leave her fingers free if she needs them. Her hair is kept short for ease of cleaning, but she keeps one long braid at one side of her head, in memory of her mother. (though at this point she doesn’t remember much of her human parents, she just knows she had them at one point)

Unn’s Skyspinner and a bit more info on the species here!!

Sorry for the TL;DR!!

smoodged out a couple of quick edit things…

So for all you new followers I have this pony oc called Aqua Drop. I’ve had her a very long time - and I have a small (2 pages - hiatus) webcomic of her. I have this whole story for her… but minimal motivation to work on the webcomic. 


oh well, these were fun to do, might do more if I find good ocean/water images. (shoulda used bigger file for the blue one…)

images used (x) (x)

Cute boys, bright glowing colors, glOWING LIQUID OOZING OUT FROM ORIFICES?? I’m there.

Sickingfucking’s oc Matten, a bioluminescent monster cutie <3

I did this in the style/inspiration of her other amazing artworks of him here and here - it’s nowhere near as good as hers but I wanted to give it a try, ah;; 

hope you don’t mind;; ((also it’s not all that good imo cause I was using my laptop and manga studio not my normal desktop and said combo so not my usual set up;;))

Alright, alright, I’ll let you have ONE more. Just ONE. You’ve already eaten most of the crate that we were supposed to deliver… We’re gonna be in so much trouble.

Art!! Of my HTTYD oc Brynhildr and her dragon, Bandit.

This took me a little while to do but that’s mostly cause I took my time with it. Enjoy!

edit: i just noticed tumblr is making it look like crap so here’s the better full size ok?

so I finally got around to fixing the wonky leg

and now i can color it!! yasss

might make it into a print tho nobody would buy it haha;;

thissssssphhpphptpth is what I was working on in the stream!

as you can see still not done, but my hand’s aching rather bad now so I figured I’d pushed it enough. Gonna see if I can get the lines done tomorrow!

I’d love to make a Aqua game but I have too many things on the go right now

maybe some day

so have a silly aqua pixel thing


Page 1

yoooooooooooooooo look what I finally got around to doing. The first paaaage now to do the others orz

water is so damn hard to draw… anyways, yep, got the first page done.

if I can successfully finish the next few pages I might start up a patreon or something if people are interested :x

I hope tumblr doesn’t do the thing again where it puts a black bg to my transparent drawings…

anyways, listening to a cute song and took a break from a project to doodle out a quick silly Love Letters! I’ve been meaning to draw a Love Letters my style but who doesn’t like drawing a silly noodle potato pony for fun?

Love Letters belongs to Hamigakimomo!