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lordhayati asked: wait I'm still wearing him Asdfasdfasdf -is tumble dried too- I also though his name was Kuda silly me DX

haha nah, Kuda is my name. right now he doesnt have a name really, I havent come up with one that fits him. so I call him my hoodiefart

lordhayati asked: -Puts you and your hoodie character into a tumble dryer- x3


static cling!

I’m going to do this. This is happening


I’ve been seeing a bunch of these going around and I’ve decided to do one seeing as I’m like 99% sure that this wont get more than like 30 something at most.

But anyway.

Anyone who reblogs this (YEAH. REBLOGS. NO REBLOGGING MORE THAN ONCE THAT’S JUST GOING TO MAKE EVERYTHING CONFUSING OKAY?) I’ll draw them a little pocket Once-ler of their own

here’s an example


anyway, be sure to tag ur url or else u wont friggin see it u mofos.

this ends by the first of march


kudalyn replied to your chat: we were talking about CLAMP and

Ironically I designed a magical girl onceler BASED OFF OF CARDCAPTOR SAKURA like 4 months ago your welcome

oh god YES but that plus EVERYTHING ELSE CLAMP TOO it’s so perfect

good god im actually crying

i dont know if you’ve seen it it’s right here



I got the Spooktre shimeji to work on my mac. :’D One just leapt catlike from the bottom of my page to the side of the screen 8I Where he clung to the side without using his arms? xD I think there were some small glitches in the translation from pc to…

Mine do either or, sometimes they get comfortable on the side of my screen or the ceiling, other times they just chill at the bottom

I don’t think there’s gonna be much differences between the two so yeah just sit back and watch them multiply, most I had was 11 on my screen before I ‘put them to bed’ hehe


It is time

for more pixel sempais  ʘ‿ʘ

p-curly in da haus

kuda lookin sessy

deme (fucking nailed that hair)

and tiny silouxa!






Wow, you know what’s funny?  That’s the first thing Mustache asked me, too!

Thing is, I don’t have any “clothes.”  It’s kinda…a Lorax thing?  A little weird, too.  It’s warm out here!  If you guys keep bringing it up, I’m gonna start to get self-conscious, heheh…


Yay, he answered me. And whee, naked Onceler XD


Tumblr Crushes:




I hardly ever make it to someone’s crush list and now i’m on ADORI’S LIST YES



kudalyn said: DO IT OMFG I love her Frillish gijinka tooooo I designed my own Frillish Once-ler too ashfdjfhdhfd

Oh my mY maybe i could draw your frillish desing next just point me to it! asdsadasf i’m sorry i replied so late but i didn’t saw this ‘till now QuQ

Here’s my precious babbu! (and my pokesona but you can ignore her dhsjkfhd)


I would very much like blue please! <3 <3


solairu replied to your post: how do i make my askblog better? haha :( 

i think you’re doing just fine, entre is one of my favorite askblogs :o

kudalyn replied to your post: how do i make my askblog better? haha :( 

Your askblog is already fantastic! Why do you think…

ahaha you haven’t seen subpar till you’ve sen my ask blogs.

One’s a pony-ler who updates once in a blue moon, and the other is… idk I’m just trying to keep him running. I need to update my pony askblogs… I should do that today…


kudalyn replied to your post: Well, that was fun, but it’s getting late and I…

*hands over a blowdrier* Will this help?

Aw, hey, thanks! =D

*hums quietly as she switches on the blowdrier*

Just as long as you’re here though, what did you mean when you talked about putting my legs to good use?

*hides smirk behind her hand* Fufufufufufu~

Oh, just an idea I had… a few actually… of some ‘sporting’ activities you could do with Anon Once-ler… that would make him very happy, for sure.



kudalyn replied to your post: … How charming. Yes, how very charming. I see…

HEY. MR.E. I have a bone to pick with you. A BIG one. *rolls up her sleeves*


Another one of Ms. Deborah’s friends, I see.

I don’t believe…

Hey, WAIT!…

Nyrrrrgh. Asshole.

WELL THEN. If those blocks are a challenge, you know what? I accept.

Instead of removing said blocks, I’ll just get these two to fall in love all over again! The pieces are already in motion, and she’s already remembering on her own, and safely, some things she and Once-ler have done together.

Stories are meant to be changed, altered, improved upon. While the story of these two may have been shifted a bit, I will do my best to put everything back together and make things the way they were.

YOU HEAR ME?! I’ll fix this, and I know Deb’s friends will help fix this too! Together we can do this!!


kudalyn replied to your post: … How charming. Yes, how very charming. I see…

HEY. MR.E. I have a bone to pick with you. A BIG one. *rolls up her sleeves*


Another one of Ms. Deborah’s friends, I see.

I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting before?

No, we haven’t. I’ve been a bit busy lately.

Now, from what I gather… you’ve erased Deb’s memories of Once-ler because she initially wasn’t apart of his ‘story’?

Well, Mister. I know a thing or two about universal storylines and whatnot.

Ever heard of ALTERNATE Universes? There’s billions of them. Literally. And At least 100 or more, are run by Once-ler’s. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some. I even watch over one of my own.

You have no goddamn right playing God in this universe. The relationship these two had wasn’t hurting ANYTHING. Wasn’t causing any time/space rips or fluctuations. The Once-ler was working just fine in his business, and Deb was even being a big help with it.

So you right Deb’s memories immediately, or so help me, your ass is ice. 



Why? Better question is WHY NOT

45-min doodle of The Once-Ler

Also I love the music from The Lorax <3

He was a bit of a challenge… specially his suit. I did the best I could getting the design from tiny gifs online.


Officially this is the FIRST Once-ler art I did… AND ITS SO BAD DBHJFDNJSFD

I hadn’t designed his longer, lankier pony design, he’s far too yellow, and his suits only half right XD Gonna find my first human art and its still bad fjdfdjk