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drabble idea while watching Sock Opera again. kind of took on it’s own life, but please enjoy.

Dipper’s soul has never really been able to… stick as well as it used to since “the incident”, as Mabel calls it. 

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Hard Times and New Chances

Rating: T
Content: HTTYD1/2 AU
Summary: A what-if AU of HTTYD 1 and 2 - what if Hiccup had never shot down Toothless? What would be different? How could they possibly meet, if they were meant to, and how would their relationship be different?


Here’s a one-shot that popped into my head yesterday. I wrote it up in between drying coats of nail polish, haha

Its only been proofread by myself, so sorry if there’s any grammatical errors or run on sentences and the like. Crossposted to



My name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third. 

A name that I alone carry. Seeing as how I’m the last of the line to carry it.

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Sál eiga Dreki - Ch.2

Rating: G
Content: Hiccup and the gang, OC, post HTTYD2
Summary: New adventures, trials, and characters. It’s been a few months since the Battle of the Bewilderbeast, and Hiccup has had to learn a lot in a short amount of time. Those new skills are going to be put to the test, and everything he knows about dragons is going to change - again. Link
Ch.1 on tumblr


YooO!! Chapter 2! The chapter nobody was looking forward to! Confetti!

Ok dourness aside, this chapter couldn’t have happened without Nef or Cat. You two are the best proofreaders and editors in the world, thank you! I’ve also changed the name slightly - just tried translating the english name to Old Norse. I hope I didn’t mangle it too bad.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna start posting stuff on again, and I’ve started by putting my few HTTYD writings in there, including this story. You’ll probably be able to read it easier there than on my blog, but I’m posting it both places just in case. There also might be a few author’s notes there that I won’t include here, fyi.

Please enjoy, and I do so love feedback!!


Back at home, the two-who-are-one land with their usual lack of grace, but they do not mind, for they have no one to impress.

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Soul of a Dragon

Rating: G
Content: Hiccup and the gang, OC, Set after HTTYD2 
Summary: New adventures, trials, and characters. Fun story I plan on fiddling with.

FF.Net link
Ch.2 on tumblr

Don’t mind the title, I couldn’t think of anything else;;; I might change it later if a more fitting one comes along. Working title…

So this is something I piddled with, introduction of one of my new OCs. If you do read it, thank you!! And I hope you enjoy!! And thanks to Nef for being a wonderful proofreader!


Birds sang in the trees as the early-morning sun sent glowing shafts of light through the foliage. A patch of bushes rustled as they were shoved aside, a figure muttering lowly to itself as it picked berries from the low branches.

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Sweet and Sensual

Rating: NC-17
Content: Kinkter, Boyfriend AU
Summary: Winter and Kink go out for a bite to eat, then have some fluffy fun at home.


Yet another rp from our Boyfriends au, I don’t know how but I managed to completely forget about this gem - from our experiments early on in our bf au, seeing how these two could mesh together (spoiler alert: they mesh wonderfully)

as I was editing this I noticed the timestamps were from April……… we’ve been riding this ship for a long time good gosh hahaha;;;  and with no end in sight! Which I’m glad for! 

So yeah! Please enjoy this super fluffy and sexy rp!


Kink, sitting in one of the large soft chairs in Winter’s library, was reading quietly, a forgotten cup of tea and tray of breakfast on the table next to him. He had picked up the book with mild interest in the cover but ended up becoming deeply engrossed in the story. What had been an early morning had quickly passed into noon, then lunchtime, Kink seemingly unaware of the time.

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Spicing up the Meeting

Rating: NC-17
Content: Kinkter, Boyfriend AU
Summary: Kink decides to try and surprise Winter, and gets a bit more than he originally bargained for (although he doesn’t mind at all)


Ok, so Mcmod and I have this other Au for Kinkter that we have that we call the ‘Boyfriend AU’. It follows most of the Canon storyline, except a few things are changed/ignored so that Kink and Winter are happily dating, and have been for a while.

Essentially, it’s what we wish could happen in canon but because of reasons it probably wont 8’(

Anyways, please enjoy this SUPER fluffy and naughty fic that’s from one of our favourite RP’s we’ve done together!


Kink was sitting in Winter’s chair, the large empty office silent except for the occasional click from a ballpoint pen as Kink was fiddling with it, a bored look on his face. He’d been planning for Winter and him to spend some time together when there had been a sudden business meeting to attend, and he’d been left alone with embarrassed apologies from Winter, and promises to make it up to him later. 

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Strangers at Sea

Rating: G
Content: Kinkter, MerAU
Summary: Kink finds an unusual treasure amongst the cargo of a ship he’s plundered.


Mcmod and I finally got around to starting a rp for one of the sides to our merkinkter au, starting with human kink and merman winter. I liked how it came out, so I revised it a little bit to make it flow a bit better as a story. I changed only a little bit, some run-on sentences or making things flow a little better.

this is actually ver 2, the first time we tried it I didn’t like how merWinter’s personality came out - it wasn’t accurate, wasn’t what I was going for. This came out better. We will be continuing this! I mean, I adore rping with Mcmod why the hell wouldn’t this be continued :T

but for now, please enjoy! (also mcmod named it it’s gr8 isnt it)


Kink watched as his crew carried over treasure after treasure from the rich cargo freighter they’ve just defeated, it’s crew tied up and under guard. There were chests full of gold, fine clothing, quality food, wine, tobacco. Everything meant for some fat nobleman in the southwest, most likely. With a satisfied smirk he strolled by the captured men were seated on deck. 

"It has been my utmost pleasure doing business with you, gentlemen. Such precious items, for practically no price at all! You could almost call it a plunder, with how cheap it is!"

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Sspooky Hauntenings

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa when was the last time I actually wrote something fhjfkds

prompted by Skully reblogging this and tagging it with  

so yeah have some crappy 10 minute spookstar drabble that turned out extremely ooc and kinda sad (also consider this a small gift for your b-day skully cause i dont think i’ll get the drawing done for a few days at least)


"You stupid shit, how is that scary?"

"Tooth decay is TOTALLY scary, man. How can you eat when your teeth are rotted out of your head? I swear, I still have nightmares over it."

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Swagtre closet smut drabble

mmK i just



to finish this but these two are so hARD to write i just

here have a half-started smutthing i dont know if i have the motivation to finish it

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Visions of Another Life (Part 1)

Rating: NC-17 (some nsfw, some fluff)
Content: Spookstar (Alternate!verse, Jericho and Johnny)
Summary: Johnny keeps getting these dreams… and he likes them more than he thinks he should.

hiiiiiiiii yeaaaaaah this is all I have fOR NOW I just spat this out. I have to get the rest of the story wrangled up and put in order in my head - ideas are just running loose like sheep in there. Sorry this is badly written AND the characters are so OOC they’re barely recognizable - It’s hard enough for me to get into Spook’s head when he’s normalverse let alone like this. I figured Rocky wouldn’t really be ‘Rocky’ without normalverse Spook so… but yeah… anyways here have part 1 I’ll do my best to get the rest written up asap.


A voice

whispered hisses, soft and low, caress his ear

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Give Em’ Hell, Kid


Rating: NC-17
Content: Spookstar / blood and injuries / excessive swearing
Summary: Rocky gets caught in a fight without Spook

yeeeeeah idk I was drawing, and a thought popped into my head: What would happen if Rocky ever got in over his head in a fight? What would Spook do? and this happened. It’s only from Rocky’s perspective, so I may have to do another fic from Spook’s point of view, for fun. Mostly brotp kind of stuff in here too. Enjoy!


“Hey Spook?”


“What would you do if I ever got hurt?”

“What do you mean? You get hurt all the time tripping over your big ffeet, you losser.”

“No, I mean… really hurt. Really really hurt.”

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from last night


Rating: G
Content: Spookstar fluff
Summary: Rocky, Spook, and a afternoon full of snowballs
Prompt: whispers, SpookStar playful headlocks please (by nightmare-kisser)

haha okeys, I took this and just rolled with it uvu Enjoy some silly Spookstar fluff!

"Goddamn it, Spook!"

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Fanfic: The Peacock and the Giraffe

Rating: G
Content: Swoncest
Summary: stupid fluffity fluff 

Ahh, sorry! The title is a reference to this post and the commentary - it makes no sense I’m sorry this kinda just grabbed me by the ears and tossed me across the room with itself ahhh it’s bad it doesn’t even make sense with tHE TITLE IM SORRY


The first time he had met Swag, something was… odd. About him. Not in the ‘usual’ way you’d perceive odd - hell, One considered himself the spitting example of the word.

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Fanfic: Dare under the Bleachers

Rating: NC-17 (lots of porn mmhm)
Content: Spookstar/blowjobs/i think these guys are closet exhibitionists
Summary: Spook dares Rocky he can’t keep quiet again.

 ahaha yeah this is the one I was working on this morning and then finished up here, was a little hard to write but I hope you guys enjoy it all the same yay also i describe things too much


"You’re kidding." 

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Fanfic: Stupid Shloppity Shlop

Rating: M (for bouts of excessive swearing and other things?)
Content: Two-Headed Once-ler aka Right and Left (mostly right)
Summary: Origin story of Left and how Right became a mutant. 

So yeah I just had an ITCH to write so I did, and cause I had this story niggling in my ear I asked Right and Left’s Mod if I could do this, and she gave me permission soooo enjoy have fun, I think this might be the longest thing I’ve written yet. I don’t really do word counts so I’m not sure. Also played with the spacing and timing for a different effect for fun, hope it pulls off nicely. also sorry about the title, they always give me a hard time grhrkgkr


Day Zero

It was sour.

It was sour and thick and nasty and it clung to him like the slime that it was and the next thing he knew he was clawing himself over the edge of the bank, coughing and puking up the glowing sludge he had inhaled.

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