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Does the “a portion of proceeds goes to charity” part in How Bad Can I Be bother anyone? And by that I mean does it give anyone else an intense amount of feels?

I mean, seriously. Once-ler and his family are just doing it to make themselves and the company look better.

Because it seems that when…


My file’s super bad quality, and I never caught that smirk in the theatres -

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thank you


what if i just—




I haven’t looked up that tumblr yet BUT THIS ART



zombieeeeeeee iluuuuuuu can i be your slave plz


“How bad can this really be?” He asks himself while staring at the reflection in the mirror of the cheery valley just outside of the large window behind him. The bright and fluffy tuffs of the Truffula trees are blowing gently in the wind. The Barbaloots are out and about in the valley, scampering and gathering, while the sounds of the machinery rumbling and rolling from the factory below him drown out the songs of the Swomee swans and the Humming fish.

A tailor is addressing the issue of his coat tails that he couldn’t quite fix on his own. He stares at his reflection with the valley behind him, at the reflection of the man he used to be, of the man he had become. The suit fits perfect in all the right places, the color matches the piles of money stacked to the ceiling in his office.

Biggering, biggering, biggering!

It was everything that he had ever wanted.

And yet, somehow, he was still miserable.

“That should do it,” the old man’s voice punctures his thoughts, the sound of his voice deep and warm against his ears compared to the one in his own head.

‘Buy, sell, trade, squash.’

“Ah! Thank you my good sir!” His eyes light up, the blue reflecting the sunlight from outside, “I couldn’t have done it without you!” The old man smiles in return.

“Make sure you-“

“Oh I know! I’ll keep it on a hanger when not in use! No throwing it willy-nilly about.”

And he’s pushing the man out the door, but not before slapping a wad of cash for his services into the palm of his hand.

The heavy wood doors slam closed a moment later, echoing through the large office.

‘Gold, yen, mark, pound.’

He walks over to his desk and the tall hat resting on the edge of it, right beside the model for the town that he had spent the past few days designing. He lifts it carefully by the brim, inspects it.

“It’s a wonderful day for a stroll around the factory! I should check in and see how things are coming along.” He speaks to no one but himself while he straightens the hat atop his head.

He reaches for the sunglasses in his breast pocket, a smile slipping onto his lips at the sight of the expensive and custom made accessory. He had earned these. He had earned all of this. He deserved this.

His eyes catch the sight of the trees just past the balcony in his office through the blue lenses. He pauses a moment, watching as a few of the baby Barbaloots scamper beneath the trees to gather up the fruits to eat. He smiles. A small bubble of laughter trickles up his throat. A sudden craving for pancakes washes of over him. He hadn’t had pancakes in a long time… maybe he could make some…

‘Pork, fat, cut, smash.’

His brows furrow, eyes narrow. The distant sound of a tree falling cracks through the otherwise peace outside of the window, thunder rumbling off in the distance distracts him from his thoughts.  

The Barbaloots scamper off and there’s a break in the song of the Swomee swans and Humming fish when a hefty puff of smogulous smoke tumbles through the vents. The floor vibrates gently with the roll of the gluppity-glup and the schloppity-schlop in the pipes beneath his feet.

‘Short, coal, oil…’

He blinks and glances down at the sunglasses in his hands, confused as to what he had just been doing. He pulls in a deep breath before lifting them up to his face and slipping them on before turning away from the window.


- - - -

yeahhh idkkkkkkk -floprolls- dsjkdsa hopefully its okay? I’m just… not even sure it even makes sense but HERE YOU GO! HAVE SOME ONCE-LER. (this was my once-ler cherry?) jkdhsajdsadhas hopefully its IC and all that ;/////; -rolls off into the suuunn-
(i also suck a titles so there is none)

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my retarded flailing under the cut haha ljsldf

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