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                                “What?!”                                                                          ”Huh?!”


so marbles and i finally got around finishing this collab :’) this was all my fault, i procrastinated way too much on this. she worked so quickly and here i was sitting on my ass playing harvest moon. oh yeah and i had that two week hiatus…pfft. but WE ARE FINALLY DONE. we are so done. look at how done this is.

we came up with black and white-ler forever ago when we were doing those colorswaps and thats p much all i remember. god it was so long ago.

we even made concept art for this we’re pros ok this is professional

she drew white-ler and colored black-ler, and i drew black-ler and colored white-ler!


I’m Ted Wiggins, and I fight for the trees


can we just take a moment to appreciate how fucking creepy the factory looks in the daytime because god damn

For Oodles

Rowdy Rooter and Isabella uwu


i tried to draw movie ted.


the lorax for /r/sketchdaily


Word of caution: don’t ever do the Lorax dance


even though I’ve only been part of it for these last few months and wasn’t around for the beginning, I still feel inclined to throw in some confetti :3 You guys make such warming company for a lonely baby like me LOL

Happy Anniversary to the Lorax fandom!!

Lorax Anniversary Challenge II Schedule March 2nd-March 7th


Movie Showing Sunday: (possibly starting at 5:30 pm)

Since this will be the actual anniversary date, we’re not going to limit anything that goes on today; go nuts! 

Also, let’s not forget to cherish this as the day of Theodore Geisel’s birthday! 

Askblog Appreciation Monday:

Let’s give these guys a hand; they play an important part in this big family of ours! It’s not limited to just Once-ler blogs too; Norma blogs, Ted blogs, Audrey, The Lorax. Whether canon or au, show the love! 

Nostalgia Tuesday: 

Bonus!!!: Today is National Pancake Day!! Go oooon, you know you want to make some.

Aside, this day will be us reminiscing great things that happened in the past within this fandom, or anything Lorax related. Met a bestfriend here? Share! Want to talk about an AU; go ahead! Little fandom jokes, Ed Helms finding out about Oncest….!!! It’ll also be nice to see people reblogging some art from the past!!

Rowdy Dow Wednesday:

The 2012 adaptation of the movie would’ve never happened without it’s 70’s counterpart! Let the green arms soar!

Thneedville Thursday: 

Once-ler is great, but let’s not forget about The Lorax; or Ted, or Norma, or Audrey, the creepy robot cat, or the forest animals, or Thneedville residents or- heh, you know where I’m going with this!

Feature Film Friday/Tinychat: 

Being a Friday, this is another, better time to stream the movie again! As a bonus, after the stream all that want to can come hang out at Tinychat for some friendly chatting! Movie will possibly be showing at 8 pm. 

Let’s make this a great week you guys! :) Tag your post as #loraxchallenge , and don’t be afraid to send us questions to cure any confusion. 


Edit!: Schedule will be based on Eastern Time!