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Cute boys, bright glowing colors, glOWING LIQUID OOZING OUT FROM ORIFICES?? I’m there.

Sickingfucking’s oc Matten, a bioluminescent monster cutie <3

I did this in the style/inspiration of her other amazing artworks of him here and here - it’s nowhere near as good as hers but I wanted to give it a try, ah;; 

hope you don’t mind;; ((also it’s not all that good imo cause I was using my laptop and manga studio not my normal desktop and said combo so not my usual set up;;))

Alright, alright, I’ll let you have ONE more. Just ONE. You’ve already eaten most of the crate that we were supposed to deliver… We’re gonna be in so much trouble.

Art!! Of my HTTYD oc Brynhildr and her dragon, Bandit.

This took me a little while to do but that’s mostly cause I took my time with it. Enjoy!

edit: i just noticed tumblr is making it look like crap so here’s the better full size ok?

so I finally got around to fixing the wonky leg

and now i can color it!! yasss

might make it into a print tho nobody would buy it haha;;

thissssssphhpphptpth is what I was working on in the stream!

as you can see still not done, but my hand’s aching rather bad now so I figured I’d pushed it enough. Gonna see if I can get the lines done tomorrow!

I’d love to make a Aqua game but I have too many things on the go right now

maybe some day

so have a silly aqua pixel thing


Page 1

yoooooooooooooooo look what I finally got around to doing. The first paaaage now to do the others orz

water is so damn hard to draw… anyways, yep, got the first page done.

if I can successfully finish the next few pages I might start up a patreon or something if people are interested :x

I hope tumblr doesn’t do the thing again where it puts a black bg to my transparent drawings…

anyways, listening to a cute song and took a break from a project to doodle out a quick silly Love Letters! I’ve been meaning to draw a Love Letters my style but who doesn’t like drawing a silly noodle potato pony for fun?

Love Letters belongs to Hamigakimomo!

Found a nice new pone song so I drew a much better Kudapone than the last one I drew, with updated cuter hair

and also drew Kudahoodie on Kudapone for some interdimensional fun

comic artist I am not

sitting here trying to plan out at least the first 10 pages of a mlp webcomic I wanna make for one of my ocs

who knows if I’ll actually carry out my plan of making it :I

lemiel14n3 asked: I suggest dragons

yesyes, dragons are always good!

I couldn’t decide what dragon to draw till I remembered my HTTYD dragon so I drew him

Kinda botched the left wing but it’s in an awkward spot. Also had to use this weird mint color cause the light green was too green

As always the color is much better in person, also fading sunlight doesn’t help.

wwwwwwwweh sorry bout all the empty space n stuff, its a wip really

doodlin around and making a Flygon-based-ish dragon in the HTTYD’verse

Called a ‘Blind’ Bandit cause it’s known for stealing food from vikings and other dragons rather than actively hunting itself.

Also it was thought to be blind cause no pupil could be seen, but it’s really a protective eyelid that it has to keep its enormous eyes protected, it can actually see really well.

Pretty big and really fast/swift both on land and in air. Potassium-based purple flame, loves to eat carrots and other potassium rich foods, like potatoes and yams. Specially carrots. But carrots give it nasty farts so.

It can be ridden, using the horns as handles and having a special saddle with a bit of a lip on the back to keep the rider from slipping off when it’s in an upright position.

gdfshldsh i’m no designer hat am i doing waaah /o/

yYYYOOOOOOOOOo slamdunks this into my tag

Brynhildr the Bold, best friend/almost sister to Oodles’ Bilgesnipe the Rank. Our HTTYD ocs \o/

Got some backstory and everything to em, still got more to work on tho. Sassy cocky little shit of a girl who loves to bully Bilge but all under the premise of ‘toughening him up’! Good-naturedly, of course, she’d never REALLY hurt the guy, she loves ‘im too much. 

Her dragon’s a Thunderdrum.

I tried to deonceler Necro but it didnt rly work cause I like his design already so mostly I just slimmed down his cheeks and changed his nose a teeny bit im a A+ character designer yup

His name is Alberich Everard Outteridge

Call him bertie and you’re dead


Had some free time, so have Snowdrop sneezing~

Happy holidays, everyone! 
oops, I didn’t put her cutie mark

some headshots of my pony Aqua Drop, still a bit of a wip

contemplating finally going ahead with a comic of her, re-drawing her and getting design ideas down and what have you