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YO I spent most of today on this haha;;; I’m not good at superhero-esq armor, but I did my best!

First image full size HERE
Second image full size HERE

Hiccup/Tinker’s superhero armor, the brainchild from hiilikedragon’s superhero au! While I love Wild Hearts, this au is beginning to grow on me, heh…

Armor’s in-progress titles - “Black Lightning”, “Furious Night”, “Night Fury” and others. (hehehe)

So as you can see I stuffed a bunch of details in on a sheet, but here’s some more detailed descriptions I couldn’t fit on the page!

 - Tinker’s blade is similar to canon Inferno, the retractable blade coated in a layer of flammable liquid which is lit upon it being withdrawn. The blade has various capsules filled with different types of gasses, whichever he uses is dependant on the situation. He tries not to use the explosive gas unless necessary.

- All wings and fins are completely retractable, and he has boosters in his feet and also can use the plasma cannons on his forearms as flight stabilizers/speed boosters when necessary. Using these he can make complicated manoeuvres and near complete stops mid-air, but he’s still working on his tight turns. Might incorporate some sort of double-set spike fins down the back of his suit to assist.

- His plasma cannons, while very powerful and extremely accurate thanks to his built-in supercomputer locking system in his suit, has a limited number of shots - 6 precisely. The concussive energy drains a lot of power from his suit, and any more than 6 drains on the energy reserves in his suit and can be extremely dangerous. (Inability to fly being number one problem)

- The ‘claws’ on the end of his gauntlets are extremely strong and very sharp - using a backwards-thruster on the elbow of his gauntlets he can deliver blows with deadly force. He tries not to use them against a person unless absolutely necessary, mainly using them in defence, or for breaking down steel doors. They’re very good at puncturing and slicing through solid metal.

- The red decals on Hiccup’s suit are merely aesthetic - he thought they looked cool.

Sooo this is all for now! I don’t wanna make the description too big on the post haha;;;


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