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Birds of a Feather (Part 2 - Monsterboys Swagtre)

Rating: G (aside from swearing n some bones, i dont think it’s bad)
Content: Swagtre (Just Swag and One talking here though)
Summary: Swag goes to One to complain and gets more than he bargained for.


mmk so sorry this is kinda short?? but this is all I had for a part 2 so yeAH now you see a little more into this universe hahaha;;; I’ll probably continue this cause people like it but I gotta think up mORE so here have this for now uwu also gOMEN ONE IS PROLLY REALLY OOC im sorrrrry


"Why the fuck did he say no?!"

Swag paced irritably, his feathers all puffed and askew. 

One merely watched him bemusedly, gnawing and licking at a split bone he had in his blood-covered claws.

"I dunno, maybe because he’s not as stupid as you?" He murmured out in his gravely tone, grinning as Swag sputtered and twirled on the spot to face him.

"I’m not fucking stupid! I’m a genius, and gorgeous, and a better hunter than him! I mean, if it wasn’t for me he’d starve out there!" Swag chittered, gesturing wildly with feathers flying everywhere. He resumed pacing, so caught up in himself he didn’t notice the fact that his train of display feathers were getting coated in dust and blood from the remains of One’s recent kill.

One dropped his current bone, picked clean of marrow, and picked up another gore-covered one. He inspected it, then brought it swiftly down on a rock off to his side - with a echoing crack it split, and he pried it open easily.

Swag normally was a little grossed out by One’s eating habits - his mouth and feathers were coated in blood - but he was too worked up to even care.

"Maybe I didn’t show off my feathers enough? I mean, I hunted for him and he accepted my offerings! That means he should have agreed…" He muttered vehemently under his breath, stopping and starting to preen at his wings roughly. 

One sighed, rolling his giant, yellow eyes before putting his bone off to one side. “Swag, have you ever stopped to consider how Entre’s a completely different species than you are? Or the fact that he’s a male?”

Swag stopped preening, looking over at One in confusion. “What’s that got to do with anything?”

"Are you serious?" One laughed, picking up his bone again and using his claws to pick off bits of marrow and suck them off his fingers.

"Swag, I normally don’t give a damn about what other birds think or do, or whatever, but you are weird."

Swag puffed up, indignant. “What the fuck are you getting at?”

"Okay, for the record. You are the only bird I know that has actually managed to keep interspecies friendships for longer than a few weeks. I mean, for years all you needed was your harem of females. Then all of a sudden, you barge into my territory and somehow manage not to be my dinner. Then you went after 72, and I don’t know how you got to be on his good list so fast. You also have weekly singing sessions with Rocky, and then you suddenly decided to court Entre after knowing him for only a few months?" One counted out, swinging his bone around like a baton. 

"So I have cool friends. So what? Variety is the spice of life, baby." Swag shrugged, clearly not getting the point.

One groaned. “Swag, you know birds don’t mess with other species. We’re too busy minding our own business and trying to breed. What the heck does Entre have that none of your females had?” 

Swag’s feathers bristled, and he flopped onto the ground, running his claws through his hair. 

"Well… I - I don’t fucking know! I mean, he’s a stupid dork, he can hardly hunt the easiest prey and he nearly starves himself to death every week." Swag heaved a huge sigh, looking off into the distance.

"But… He’s a pretty good fighter. I mean, have you seen him in the middle of it? I watched him fight off two hyenas single-wingedly when they came after him at a carcass, and come out on top with only a few scrapes. And… he looks fantastic when he’s flying, soaring high in the sky…" Swag’s expression got distant, his voice growing soft and fond as he continued to talk. 

One could only smirk. “So, you’re in love with him.”

Swag looked like he had exploded. All his feathers were on end, his eyes wide with a bright blush across his cheeks. “I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH THAT FUCKING LOSER!”

One burst out laughing, his loud guffawing echoing across the grasslands. He nearly fell off his perch on a rock, he was laughing so hard. Swag could only scowl, crossing his wings and pouting childishly.

"Of all the peacocks to fall in genuine love, it’s you. I never thought I’d see the day." One chuckled, trying to catch his breath as he wrenched a limb off his meal, peeling the flesh from the bone and flicking a piece in Swag’s direction.

Swag squawked and scrambled away from the meat, standing up with his feathers still puffed indignantly. 

"Fucking whatever. Why did I even bother coming to talk to you about this?" He grumbled, shivering from head to toe and trying to get his feathers back in place. He grimaced at his feather train, finally noticing how filthy it had become. 

"Why indeed…" One merely chuckled, and waved goodbye to Swag as the peacock strutted off into the tall grass. 

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