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Birds of a Feather (Monsterboys Swagtre)

Rating: G (birdy fluff)
Content: Swagtre (Monsterbirdyboys AU)
Summary: Swag’s being obnoxious and Entre is confused

OK I don’t pretend to be a prodigy on birdy habits but I did do some research but I’m sorry if I got anything wrONG I just came up with this last night and aaaaaaaaaaa I may write more to this if people like it just tAKE THE BIRDIES


Entre was barely asleep when he was awakened by a subtle rattling noise coming from below his nesting tree. He tried to ignore it, as he always did, but it was persistent, only getting louder the longer he waited. Finally, he let out a large squawk, his feathers on end as he shuffled to the edge of his nest, peering down.

"For god’s sake, Swag! Knock it off!"

"Come on, baby. You know you want a piece of this~" Came the smooth reply, and Entre only rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh.

Swag grinned, rattling his feathers for emphasis as he sashayed around the base of Entre’s tree, his train lifted up to full display as he put his all into his dance. He looked splendid, as usual, but since Entre was an entirely different species, he had no clue why Swag did his mating display to him nearly every single day.

Entre groggily stood up, giving his wings a few test flaps before jumping out of his nest, flapping down till he was on ground level. Swag’s grin got wider and he danced right up to Entre, cupping him with his feathers. Entre sputtered and pushed Swag to one side a little, getting a face full of obnoxious.

"I’m really not in the mood for this today, Swag…" He groaned tiredly, and Swag’s train drooped slightly - he picked up on the tone.

"What’s up, featherbutt? You look peakier than usual today." He said, finally dropping his train until he looked normal again. Well, more normal that he had.

"I’ve been having it rough the last few days. I’ve found barely anything in the underbrush around here, and when I finally found a zebra carcass I was chased away by a pack of hyenas." Entre said, letting his wings sag a little. He really was exhausted - his stomach rumbled with perfect timing and he couldn’t help but blush.

Swag only looked confused. “I’ve seen you kick a hyena’s ass before though. You should be able to take those laughing bastards easily.” He said, cocking his neck to one side.

"One or two, maybe, but not a whole pack of them. They even had their pups out - I guess they were training them to hunt now." Entre replied, plucking a few stray feathers back into place on one of his wings.

Swag’s mouth opened on a ‘oh’ of understanding. He looked at the ground, kicking at the dust a little with his clawed feet. “I… guess you do need some rest then.” He said awkwardly. He may be obnoxious, but survival is universal out on the grasslands. Even with his thick skull Swag could understand that.

"Yeah, I do. So, I’d appreciate it if you came over later, okay? After I get some sleep." Entre smiled tiredly, appreciative that Swag actually understood where he was coming from. At Swag’s nod, Entre opened his wings and flew up to his nest again, pulling some grass into a comfortable spot to lay. Before he set down though, he couldn’t help but peek over the brim of his nest at Swag - he was still standing under his tree, looking up at him.



"…Why do you dance for me? I’m… not a peacock like you, and I’m definitely not a female. So, why do you waste your time with me?" Entre asked quietly, just loud enough Swag could hear.

"I got tired of all those easy bitches back there. They don’t care who fucks them, as long as they get laid. I wanted a challenge." Came the grinning reply, Swag ruffling his colorful feathers for him.

"That doesn’t make any sense…" Entre groaned as he pulled back from the edge, rolling his eyes to himself as he nestled down. Swag’s never gonna get anywhere if he keeps this stupid idea up. 


Entre awoke a few hours later, yawning and shuddering as he stretched his wings. His stomach howled at him in hunger, but it wasn’t anything he wasn’t used to. He’d gone without food for a week before. 

He was just about to take off when he saw a flurry of feathers rushing through the underbrush a few yards ahead of him. He stopped, rapt at attention as he tried to locate the intruder. Entre jumped when the owner of said feathers stood up - it was Swag, as usual. He merely sighed as Swag disappeared into the long grass again, not focused on him for once. 

Entre fluttered down to the ground again, to start his morning stretches (not something most birds did, but it helped him hunt better in his opinion) when he felt something squish under his claw.

He shrieked, dancing back a little with his wings cocked open, ready for a fight. He relaxed a little, however when he saw the offending squish: it was a snake.

Correction: A dead snake. A dead pile of snakes. 

He walked over to them cautiously, his mouth watering. He hadn’t had snake in over a week… but… where did they come from? He whipped his head around when the grass in front of him rustled, and was surprised when Swag came out, feathers disheveled and coated in dust and snake blood. Swag didn’t even notice Entre until he was right in front of him, squawking and dropping the newly-killed snake in his claws.

They stared at each other for a while, Entre’s gaze switching between the dead snakes and Swag’s growing blush.

"Did you do this… for me?" Entre managed to croak out, and Swag ducked his head and shuffled his feet.

"Well… Yeah, I mean, you’re such a pathetic excuse for hunter and to… tou know, make you owe me one. And, I know we both eat snakes and stuff, and I remember you saying you really liked snake so… "

"But don’t think I did this specifically for you!" Swag yelled out, puffing his chest out in a attempt of bravado. "I only did it cause I was in the area, and I couldn’t have you dying on me!"

He stood there, chest heaving and eyebrows furrowed, but the blush on his face wasn’t fooling anyone.

Entre started chuckling, then cackling, then full on crowing laughter as he though about the absurdity of it all, and it only made Swag’s feathers get even bushier in indignation.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?!" He squawked, and Entre only laughed like he hadn’t laughed in ages.

"Oh, oh god, no… ahh… thank you Swag." Entre managed to get out, smiling genuinely at Swag. Swag’s eyes widened, his blush coming back in full force with his feathers puffing out a little.

Entre merely shook his head and picked up one of the offered snakes in his claws, looking it over for where to start eating. He was starving.

Swag stood there and watched as Entre devoured the snakes happily, slowly fanning his train out while he was distracted. Entre was halfway through his feast when he looked up and could only groan in good humor at Swag. 

Swag grinned his signature grin at Entre, his splendid train of feathers up and at full attention. “Hey Entre?”

"Hmm?" Entre muttered at him with a mouthful of snake.

"Be my mate."

Entre nearly choked.


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