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I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

Rating: T (light frottage)
Content: 1Spooky
Summary: Spook finds out about One’s wounds accidentally
Prompt:  couGH 1SPOOKY (by owlapin)

Sorry this is kinda short, I haven’t written this ship before and One has always been difficult for me to write. It’s hard to get in his head sometimes. Enjoy!

Spook sat on the windowsill as One played with his butterfly knife, the blade flicking over his knuckles as he nervously paced his room.

One never paced.

"I won’t tell Rocky. You know you can trusst me." Spook said lowly, his eye on One’s blade as it flicked and shone orange in the low sunset light. 

"I know, I know it’s just… nngh." One bit his lip, keeping his hands busy so that they wouldn’t wander to his wrists.

Just a hour before Spook had crawled in his window unannounced, and had caught One in the middle of cleaning the wounds on his wrists and changing the binding. One flat out refused to tell Spook WHY he had such wounds on his wrists, but from the damage that Spook saw as he had taken the cleaning solution and gauze from a babbling and sweating One to clean his arms himself, it wasn’t accidental.

He knew a self-inflicted wound when he saw one. He’d had plenty of experience.

"Look, jusst relax. I’m not gonna pry and I’m not gonna tattle, you have my word on thiss." Spook said firmly, and One stopped in his tracks, looking over at him with open, wild eyes. 

One merely whimpered and resumed pacing, flicking his knife open and closed ever faster. It nearly sung as it flew through the air, and after it began knicking One’s knuckles and causing them to bleed and he didn’t even notice, Spook sighed and stood up.

"Woah, woah, hey, woah." He said, walking towards the heavy-breathing One with raised and open palms, causing the boy to start and drop his knife. It luckily missed his bare feet, hitting the wooden floor with a clunk. 

Spook kept walking forward slowly till he was able to grab One’s twitching fists, raising the lightly wounded knuckles to his lips where he kissed them gently. He started walking towards One, him walking backwards until the back of his knees hit his bed and he fell onto the mattress with a distressed noise escaping his throat.

Spook crawled on top of him, his mask long discarded as he took One’s head in his hands, and began kissing One’s face gently and lightly.

One closed his eyes with a inhale of breath, his hands coming up and grabbing Spook’s wrists, leaning his face into the gentle administrations. Spook kept doing this until One’s breathing had calmed down, matching his own, and his grip had stopped shaking. 

"You’re okay, you’re okay." He murmured over and over to One, listening as his little whimpers and sniffles silenced and was eventually overshadowed by a large, shuddering sigh.

Spook smiled down at One, his scars stretching across his cheeks. "Feel better?" he asked, and One nodded. 

"Yeah… a bit. Thanks." he said, unable to meet Spook’s steady gaze. Spook rolled his eye and grabbed One’s face roughly and brought him up for a rough kiss, lips clashing and startling One. Finally he took the hint, and his hands moved, one to the back of Spook’s head and the other to his side. 

They fought for a while, all teeth and tongue till the two of them were breathing heavily, minds foggy and unable to focus on anything but winning.

Finally Spook broke the kiss with a gasp as One bit his bottom lip and tugged, the pain jolting through Spook’s spine pleasantly. The two breathed heavily for a while, bodies crushed together sometime during the battle, hips pressed together. 

"Disstracted enough now?" Spook smirked, and One couldn’t help but chuckle.

"Not quite…" He said, and grabbed Spook’s hips and grinded up against him, causing Spook to cry out and fist the sheets under them. 

Spook bit his lip and returned the movement, making One grunt and bare his neck. 

"I think I can help with that…"

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