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I have discovered I can only do these in dual sets - more than 2 at a time and they start to look bad.

Anyways, have some Shade-ler, Bitter Once-ler, and White and Black-ler.

Shade looks like some teenage punk, Bitter looks his usual sour self, and idfk when I first saw Adori n Aryll’s -lers, I just immediately put them with Zekrom and Reshiram in my head. Maybe I’ve been playing too much Pokemon lately but whatever

First time drawing Reshiram n Zekrom - Reshiram was easy but Zekrom was a challenge. 

Bitter has a different color cause I started him on a different canvas - Shade n White I did last night but my computer crashed and made me lose my initial sketch of Black, so I had to restart today. I did Bitter on another canvas to warm up before restarting Black. 


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