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i spent a whole ton of treasure on pretty skins from the starfall celebration



cake gifs



oops i really like centaurs so i drew little as one. it was inevitable.

he’s a black sheep.

get it?

i’m feeling restless and a bit anxious today 

i dont like it


im tired

had weird dreams again

one set of dreams was HTTYD themed, the other was Gravity Falls. then I had just weird ones inbetween those


Amaya dressed up for Halloween ayooo


Word Balloon tips and tricks

Doodles from work. I really can’t wait for my scanner.

Lots of GF stuff, triangles and mini bills abound

i’m a bit disappointed with this sketchbook paper, it doesn’t erase well. my dollar store sketchbooks are better than this. Oh well.


Pringle may be a few years older than the last stick gifs, but he still chases his stick. He just doesn’t run after it with quite as much energy now.


Bokermannohyla oxente


Sorry kid, but you’re my puppet now!”

did someone say demonically possessed twelve year olds…… I’m here for this……


Comment ne pas payer sa maison dans Animal Crossing ? Dansez !! 

Money money money !!!

Tom Nook wants money from everything ! But these birds are clever than him and know how to avoid this :B

They explain to you how to make him forget about the money and then live and expand your house for free ! 

We have to try this on Animal Crossing Wii U :p

… Tom Nook is really on fire !