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Giant horse-dragon debuts in France

What do you call a horse with a dragon’s head?

A French artist combined the two and created a giant horse-dragon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and France.

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You call it a fucking Longma. We have those. That’s right.

Where´s the video of this?


"Friendship" by Touda

T-shirts on sale until 27th August on OtherTees

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It wouldn’t work for awhile on my phone so I played through Facebook. You should be able to do that.

Problem:  never connected it to facebook before the update, and I’ve tried linking it now, and it won’t let me

soooooooo i’m stuck ;;

Have you tried contacting them at all?

No, but from the looks of the Google Play page for the game, a LOT of other people are having the same issue.

So I bet the at least know of the issue. I hope they’re working towards trying to fix it!

here have some….. shit doodles off my laptop. 

done at work so they’re weird and mlep


I found some Aqua-ish music (aka music that reminds me of my mlpOC) so I decided to play around with my dusty old page 3 of my attempt at a webcomic

I wanted to see how my new painting style would look on it: she looks ok. It’s not bad, but I don’t think I’d be able to do this for multiple pages? This alone took me over an hour, just her small baby body. Let alone the rest of the damn page.

so I guess it’s back to the drawing board for how exactly the hell am I gonna draw this thing 8T


Nendoroid Halloween Miku! First on sale at Miku Expo this October in LA and NYC! For those in Osaka see her in person first at the Magical Mirai event!

-Mamitan <3



Hey guess what everyone? Time to get excited because your favourite dragon is making his way back to Build a Bear this October! The exact date is still to be determined, but he’ll be there for sure and this time he will have a saddle that you can purchase separately.

THE SADDLE!!!!!!!!!


edit: tried connecting to facebook, refuses to allow.

"download has failed" yeah screw you too

maybe it’s because you don’t have enough memory to process the update?

Perhaps, but I have at least 1/4 free on my tablet (185 MB of 0.98 GB)

How big would the update have to be???

ok enough worrying about shit i cant change

let’s look at some happy stuff >:V

maybe they could take it back? Idk

they could, which would be the responsible thing, but the girlfriend still won’t get her money back

buying from breeders is usually non-refundable. they take the dog back to rehome, but no money for you.

can you just find a god home for it and take it there without them knowing? Like you and the parents?

I really don’t know

I want to

but I’m not the one who bought the dog, the only parents here right now is the mother, and I just don’t know…

I’m not even a real family member yet. Neither is the other girlfriend but…

She dropped at least 700$ on it. That’d be 700$ she wouldn’t get back. 

It’s too early to tell, they got it literally today. 

We’ll just have to wait to see.