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Anonymous asked: You should draw someone being eaten by Hoodiedragon.

Hahaha hahaa;;;


do you mean like

straight-on devouring whole or like, jokingly eating

cause I half-ate Lilymonster before spitting her out here but if you mean something else…

Weekend giveaway: Fancy edition!


Special fancy weekend giveaway! So this week I passed 400 followers, (412 as of this post), and 1000 posts on this blog! That’s a little crazy, but also pretty awesome!:) I wanted to do something special for this weekend’s giveaway, but I blanked on a good idea for “special”, so I decided to just go with fancy.:)

Fancy first place:


The male Imperial Jade Statue skin, the male Tundra Mother of Pearl skin, a Box o’ Faeries, and the Dwarf Unicorn familiars.

Fancy second place:


A Box o’ Faeries, and the Dwarf Unicorn familiars.

Fancy third place:


The Dwarf Unicorn familiars.

Reblog once with your Flight Rising username and ID number to enter. For new users, your ID number can be found by clicking on “Dragon Lair” on the left menu of the Flight Rising page, then looking at the address that comes up in your address bar – your ID number is the number at the end. (For example, my lair address is, so my ID number is 28144.) Likes make me feel loved, but don’t count as an entry, and you don’t have to be following me to enter.

This giveaway is bigger than the ones I normally do, and will require me to be a little more organized than I usually am, so it will also run a little longer than normal, and will end sometime on Monday before rollover. I’ll update this post when it’s done, so be sure to check back here.

Good luck, and thanks for humoring me as I flail excitedly over pixel dragons and other people’s art.<3

ID #53290




big sun princess

i am feeling like such a lump right now

Track: Poké Mart Theme
Artist: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald


Here’s the music played while in a Poké Mart

I KEEP BUYING MALE DRAGONS i have too many male dragons

so many

aaa theres this adorable little coatl male in the auction house that’s absolutely gorgeous but he’s 50 k and I dont got that kinda gold rn I bet he’s already been sold aaa

The Lorax mini-movie: Forces of Nature.




i’m sure wild furfrou want nice furdos too